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Adoption is one of the most complicated situations you could ever find yourself in. You might be starting to notice that you look different than everyone else in your family or you feel that a vital part of you is missing, causing you to begin questioning everything about your identity. Finally, you find out that you were adopted and your whole world is shattered – just like that!

Even if that isn’t your situation, maybe you’ve known your whole life that you were adopted, you still find yourself curious about where you came from. At American Eagle Investigations, top private detectives in New York, we understand how important it is to know about your birth family and where you come from. Throughout our many years in the business, we have been tasked with many adoption searches –  finding birth parents, lost siblings, and other relatives from whom you may have been separated as a result of adoption.


Most adoptees have similar questions that they carry throughout their lives. If you’re an adoptee, you’re likely wondering about the following:

  • Where are my birth parents?
  • Why did they put me up for adoption?
  • Do I have any siblings? If so, where are they now?
  • Do I have any aunts or uncles, grandparents, cousins?

If you want answers to your questions, start an adoption investigation with one of the best in the business to find your birth parents or other relatives you didn’t know you had.

Medical History

Knowing about family medical history, such as hereditary diseases, can help with prevention and treatment and if you’re an adoptee you might feel in the dark. Learning about your genetic makeup becomes especially important as you get older and/or start having children of your own. This is a common driving factor of a New York City adoption search.


It’s common for adoptees to feel guilt or even anger about being put up for adoption. Do you ever wonder if your birth parents regret the decision and/or if they’ve ever searched for you? An adoption search can bring closure – whether the adoptee meets their birth parents or not.

Start on Your Adoption Investigation With The Experts At American Eagle Investigations

New York is the largest city in the country and finding your birth parents on your own might seem like an overwhelming task. Even harder if you have been adopted from somewhere else in the state of New York, or the United States. To learn more about how we can help with your adoption investigation, contact American Eagle Investigations at 212-344-8997 and speak to New York private detective Dan McBride.

Please note that success rates depend on whether the adoption was open or closed, i.e., whether or not the birth parents and adoptive parents know each other and the types of boundaries established when the adoption took place. However, our access to the most varied and up-to-date records guarantees that there’s virtually no one that we won’t be able to trace. Rest assured that we are some of the best in the business at what we do and that our detective work is done at the highest level of discretion and sensitivity, reuniting families quickly and efficiently.

Reviews From Our Customers:

We have over 100 Google and Yelp reviews including ones that our clients have left us about our assistance with locating birth parents.  For example, Trudy Craney said:

“My son and I contacted Dan to assist us in locating my son’s birth parents. After two weeks, Dan has located the birthmother and he is in the process of locating the two potential birth fathers. He handled us with tremendous respect and sensitivity and he continues in reaching out to the potential birth fathers. I am impressed with his low-keyed approach and his professionalism and would hire him again in a minute.”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trudy Craney,  March 19, 2017

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