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How To Perform An Asset Search On A Person

There could be many reasons why you are looking to find out what assets another person has in their name. Whether you are planning on getting married and wondering about your potential partner’s holdings, or maybe you are getting a divorce and trying to discover what assets your former spouse is trying to hide from the divorce settlement. Either way, asset investigations on a person seek to uncover tangible hidden assets such as cash, vehicles, securities, real estate, lines of credit, and lines against those assets or bankruptcies. It is incredible how much a person can own and hide from their everyday life and the people in it.

Asset investigation services for a company try to determine the actual financial holdings of the company typically when one business is looking to partner with another and they want to be sure of any potential liabilities that could be hidden from them.

Are You Looking For An Asset Investigator in NYC?

At American Eagle, we are experienced private asset investigators in NYC that offer asset locator services. As one of the best asset search companies in New York, we will do our part for your asset search and find these assets and uncover any liabilities that may be attached to them. Contact our Manhattan office to speak with our asset and liabilities investigator.

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Who Requests an Asset Investigation?American Eagle Investigations Asset Investigator in NYC

Although there are many reasons and situations for an asset search to take place, the asset investigation experts at American Eagle Private Investigators have performed asset locator services for:

  • Individuals prior to marriage
  • Individuals prior to or during a divorce
  • Individuals prior to contract litigation
  • People preparing to invest money in a business venture
  • Companies prior to business partnerships or contracts
  • Companies seeking to recover vehicles

What Information Does American Eagle Investigations Need to Perform an Asset Search?

As a qualified asset search company in New York, American Eagle is dedicated to helping individuals uncover the truth about others, including the truth about their wealth or lack of wealth. To get the best possible picture of what a person’s current assets look like the following information is helpful to speed the investigative process:

  • The Subject’s legal name and any aliases
  • The Subject’s birth date
  • The Subject’s social security number
  • The Subject’s current address
  • The Subject’s employment information
  • The Subject’s telephone number(s)
  • Names of the Subject’s relatives

Changes in the law have made some types of asset searches more difficult. Subpoenas only cover a single bank branch, not the entire branch network. Furthermore, while an asset investigation can readily uncover the name of a bank, locating an account number is more time-consuming and can be a costly challenge.

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How You Will Benefit From Our Expert Asset Locator Services?

Here’s how you will benefit from one of our American Eagle Investigations, we offer an unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth when it comes to asset search. Our thorough asset investigation report will detail our findings and provide you with peace of mind. We recommend you begin your due diligence by contacting us, the best asset search company, for a free confidential consultation. Call 212-344-8997 or use our contact form to speak with an asset investigator near you.

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