Child Custody

Protect the Ones You Love the Most, Your Children

Child Custody Case New York City Nothing is more important than your child’s safety when he or she is out of your sight and in the custody of your ex-spouse or ex-partner. When you don’t trust your ex, the situation is even more worrisome. Our team has dealt with many missing person cases, where the parent simply left with the child and failed to communicate.  After all, everyone has secrets! In addition, children are often too young, too innocent, or too afraid to tell you what actually happens when they are with their other parent.

If your ex is putting your child at risk, abusing or neglecting your child, or in any way violating the terms of a court-ordered child custody agreement, you need evidence. To help you acquire this evidence, American Eagle Investigations will conduct covert surveillance and detective work to find out if the violations you suspect are true.

We will help answer the following questions, as they pertain to your individual case:

  • Is your ex-spouse or ex-partner bringing your child into contact with inappropriate people or unsafe situations?
  • Are they out all night when they’re supposed to be taking care of your child?
  • Are they using approved caretakers?
  • Are they taking your child to school on time?
  • Are they using a car seat as required by law?
  • Are they driving recklessly with your child in the car?
  • Are they abusing drugs or alcohol?
  • Are they engaging in criminal activity?
  • Have there been domestic violence or other complaints about your ex that you don’t know about?
  • American Eagle’s highly experienced private investigators will provide you with the necessary documentation – video and photo evidence along with an official written report – required to prove your case in court.

Did you know that most ‘kidnappings’ are actually abductions from a a person known to the child? If your ex-partner has taken your child without authorization then we can perform a missing persons or kidnapping investigation.

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