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Conduct a Discreet Premarital Investigation When You Have Doubts

Premarital Background Check New York CityThe best way to give yourself peace of mind before making a huge commitment is with a premarital investigation. No matter how much you want to trust what they are telling you, everyone has secrets, and that includes your significant other. It is important to be sure of their past before you get married. The best way to safeguard your assets, your well-being, and anything else you would be sharing with another person, is to conduct a premarital background check. Our highly trained and experienced private investigators have had many years of experience in premarital screenings and are some of the best in the business. We always use the utmost discretion and sensitivity because this truly is a sensitive matter. By conducting a thorough premarital investigation we can prove, or hopefully disprove, your suspicions by providing information about your partner’s life prior to meeting you. Whether it be a previous marriage, financial history, employment history, criminal background or whom they have lived within the past, we will uncover the truth.

Premarital Investigations Are Necessary

People today are much more inquisitive about their partners past than years ago. As such, premarital background checks are becoming far more common. With the growing popularity of online dating, it appears that more and more people wish to know about their significant others past, whether it be a past marriage, past financial history, employment history, criminal background or whom they have lived with. With the size of New York City, it’s possible that they’re living another life that you know nothing about.

At American Eagle Investigations, expert private investigators in New York, we perform premarital investigations for individuals who want to check up on a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a fiancé. We strongly recommend giving voice to your suspicious and contacting a professional to arrange a premarital background check if you have noticed any of the following behaviors:

  • Does your partner avoid talking about their past?
  • Do their stories appear too vague or unusually descriptive?
  • Have they introduced you to their family or close friends?
  • Do you know their address and home phone number?
  • Do they display a suspiciously keen interest in your finances?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the behaviors, call us to run a premarital background check – you never know what we’ll find.

With A Premarital Investigation, You Can Find the Secrets They “Forgot” to Mention

At American Eagle Investigations we always use the utmost discretion and sensitivity when conducting our investigations. Our investigators focus on Attention to Details. Discretion. Results.

The premarital investigation background check could include a credit check, a public record check, and/or a criminal background check. A credit check will find out if they have any outstanding debt and whether or not they’re capable of qualifying for a home or auto loan. A public record check will pull all public records, such as marriage, birth, and/or death certificates, with their name. This will tell you if they‘re currently married, been divorced, or had a child. The criminal background check will tell you if they’ve committed any crimes in the past as well as the nature of the crimes.

If you live anywhere in NYC or the state of New York and do not feel comfortable committing to another person without confirming what they have said about their past, contact the experts at American Eagle Investigations at 212-344-8997 for a free initial consultation about arranging a premarital investigation.

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