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Security cameras are everywhere these days. Almost every business establishment has a surveillance camera for a wide variety of reasons, such as monitoring employees, catching shoplifters, protecting property, aiding security, etc. Essentially, security systems are in place to protect you, your employees and your property from any unforeseen circumstances.

Business Surveillance New York CityAt American Eagle Investigations, we have seen a steady rise in the amount of requests for us to conduct surveillance in New York, and we approach the task in a timely and efficient manner. We understand that it is often difficult to run your everyday duties while simultaneously keeping a close eye on potential threats to your business, which is why our team of private investigators is here to assist you with these tasks. We use our state-of-the-art security cameras to capture the necessary evidence to prove your case and help punish those who are at fault.

How Business Surveillance Can Protect Your Store and Employees

Opening a store and becoming your own boss opens the doors to numerous professional and personal opportunities. However, a business owner is also responsible for keeping their business and anyone who has been hired to work in it safe from harm. This is where video surveillance comes in.

6 examples of how business surveillance can protect your store and employees:

  1. Reduced theft and vandalism – Prominently placed surveillance equipment serves as a major deterrent against those who visit your store with dishonorable intentions. Consider placing cameras in high-theft areas, such as above cash registers and individual aisles.
  2. Reduced employee theft – Employees steal from their workplaces in a variety of ways, from petty theft to giving unauthorized discounts to friends and family. A security camera will make them think twice about such illegal actions.
  3. Crime investigation – Whether it be petty theft or an armed robbery, surveillance camera footage not only serves as proof for the business owner and law enforcement authorities but also aids in the investigation and perpetrator identification.
  4. Workplace safety – Installing security cameras both inside the store and at all external doors and in the parking lot significantly reduces employee fear of arriving at or leaving work after dark. It also helps protect unattended vehicles.
  5. Reduced frivolous lawsuits – Slip-and-fall fraud is one of the most common sources of financial losses for retail stores. Installing cameras not only enables you to monitor potential hazards that provide opportunity for fraud but also offers a basis to counteract false claims.
  6. Reduced insurance premiums – A business with no surveillance equipment is a major liability for an insurance company due to the increased chance of claims. When you demonstrate your readiness to prevent crime, your monthly insurance costs are lowered.

Strengthen Your Security Plan

Incorporating surveillance into your security plan is one of the most effective techniques for preventing not only theft (both external and internal) but also fraud, embezzlement and a variety of other unpleasant situations. This, in turn, creates a more inviting environment for employees and patrons alike.

Business Surveillance for Any Situation

Some of our security cameras are visible to the naked eye while others are covert cameras: We utilize the ideal surveillance method for each individual situation, one that is guaranteed to produce the best results. Whether it is a fraudulent lawsuit for a slip and fall injury or potential criminal activity, we can protect you from virtually any unpleasant situation!

Although business surveillance is a highly beneficial tool for business owners, it is important to maintain certain vigilance regarding the placement and function of security cameras. Examples include:

  • Privacy – Placing cameras in private areas, such as employee break rooms or bathrooms, is an invasion of privacy that could result in serious legal repercussions. However, there are unlimited opportunities for surveillance across all public areas of your store.
  • Malfunction or vandalism – It is not uncommon for surveillance devices to malfunction or fall victim to tampering by a thief or even an employee. In such cases, there should be other security measures in place to avoid potential losses.

Are you looking for state-of-the-art solutions for your business surveillance in NYC? If so, please do not hesitate to contact American Eagle Investigations and speak to us about your distinct security needs. We also offer other business protection services, including business device protection from spyware & malware. We look forward to helping keep your store and employees safe for years to come!


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