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Located in Lower Manhattan, Chinatown is a densely populated neighborhood in New York. More than 141,000 residents call Chinatown their home, although the vicinity only encompasses 1.7 square miles. The area is a mixture of vibrant shops and restaurants with a South Asian feel that draws many tourists every year. If you live in Chinatown you might find yourself in need of a private investigator for a number of different reasons, whether it be a cheating spouse investigation, missing person case, finding your adopted parents or other family members, or even an employee fraud investigation. Whatever the issue, we invite you to contact American Eagle Investigations when you are looking for a private investigator in Chinatown. As a former NYPD with years of investigative experience, Dan McBride, owner of American Eagle Investigations, prides himself on his thorough work and ability to get results.

Contact A NYC Lie Detector Test Office Near Chinatown

At American Eagle Investigations in NYC, we are polygraph experts and offer a full range of lie detector testing services that we can administer in our office near Chinatown. Contact us today to book your lie detector test at 212-344-8997, or feel free to contact us online if you have any questions about how a lie detector test works, what sort of questions you can ask, etc.

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How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost in Chinatown?

The cost for a private investigator in Chinatown depends on what type of investigation you are looking for. If you are looking for polygraph services you can expect to pay somewhere between $400-$500 for a lie detector test, whereas if you are looking for a PI to conduct a full investigation then the cost will vary on the length, location, and complexity of the assignment and expertise required. Here at American Eagle Investigations, we charge $150-175/hr with a five-hour minimum per day for any surveillance assignments in Chinatown whether it be a cheating spouse investigation, custody investigation, fraud investigation, or something else. To get a more accurate quote for your specific case, it is always best to speak with our private investigative team directly.

Looking For Lie Detector Tests in Chinatown?

There are many reasons why you would want a lie detector test. A polygraph test is used to get to the truth of a situation. By reading the physiological signals Sometimes you need the peace of mind that a lie detector can provide about a subject. Maybe you have suspicions about your spouse or a family member that you need to get to the bottom of. You might be wondering, ‘How do I set up a polygraph test in Tribeca?’ It’s actually quite simple. If you contact American Eagle Investigations, we have a lie detector testing location near you where you can come and have the polygraph test taken. Make an appointment with our team and fill out the necessary registration forms. Contact us today to set up your lie detector test near Tribeca at 212-344-8997, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how a lie detector test works, what sort of questions you can ask, etc.

Why Hire a Detective in Chinatown, NY?

There could be a number of reasons why you might want to hire a private detective in Tribeca. You may suspect your spouse of cheating on you, you may be looking for a long-lost relative, maybe you believe that an employee is frauding your company, and you need surveillance conducted, or possibly you are looking to conduct an asset search. Whatever the reason may be a private detective can be the key to finding out what you need to. A qualified private investigator is someone with law enforcement experience who uses covert techniques and surveillance equipment to uncover the truth behind all manner of domestic and civil cases.

The most common situation where people hire a detective is when they suspect that their spouse is involved in an extramarital affair. What we do is utilize our training and equipment to covertly follow the potential cheating spouse in question and prove (or disprove) your suspicions beyond any doubt. The same applies to child custody, nanny surveillance, etc.

Our advanced technology and investigative skills also help protect businesses on all levels, through our bug sweeps, asset investigations, VIP protection, and much more. Furthermore, we have unlimited access to numerous databases to perform thorough background checks as part of your pre-employment screening.
The added benefit of hiring a detective is that you do not incriminate or endanger yourself while dealing with a sensitive situation. With a professional private detective by your side, you do not risk being charged with trespassing to catch a cheating spouse, hiring someone with a criminal record, or becoming lost yourself while looking for a missing child.

Contact A Chinatown Private Investigator Near You

Contact the experts at American Eagle Investigations, the best private investigators near Chinatown. When you need the truth, we can help. Whether it is a surveillance video, a photo or any other piece of evidence, our experienced private investigators will provide it for you. For more information or a confidential consultation, call us at 212-344-8997 or fill out our contact form below.

We also provide private investigative services in Tribeca, Soho, The Upper West Side, and all areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Long Island.

See What Our Clients Have To Say About Our NYC Private Investigation Services:

“I had an issue with someone defacing my property with obscenity and the police were no help, so I decided to go this route. Dan answered my call and was available right away, he handled it professionally, and I was able to resolve it quite easily with the evidence he provided. Dan made the process easy, and I would highly recommend him.”

Adam S.
Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
We have over 100 reviews on Google and Yelp that our clients from Chinatown, NYC, and all over the state of New York, have left us over the years.

Private Investigator Legal and Licensing Requirements in Chinatown, NY

Licensing requirements for private investigators can vary from one city to another, if you live in Chinatown the New York State Department of State issues private investigator licenses. Here are the general requirements:

  • Age Requirement: You must be at least 25 years old to apply for a private investigator license.
  • Citizenship or Residency: You must be a United States citizen or a resident alien.
  • Experience: You generally need to have at least three years of full-time investigative experience. This experience can be obtained through work as a police officer, investigator for a government agency, or as a licensed private investigator’s employee.
  • Education: A high school diploma or its equivalent is typically required. Some college education in criminal justice or a related field may be preferred.
  • Fingerprinting: You will be required to undergo fingerprinting for a background check.
  • Character References: You may need to provide character references as part of your application.
  • Training: Completion of a Department of State-approved training program may be required. Training often includes topics related to the legal and ethical aspects of private investigation.
  • Licensing Exam: You may be required to pass a written examination related to the field of private investigation.
  • Application Fee: There is typically an application fee, which may vary depending on the type of license you are applying for.
  • Insurance: You may be required to maintain liability insurance.
  • Business Entity: If you plan to operate a private investigator agency, you may need to establish a legal business entity and comply with any associated business licensing requirements.

It’s crucial to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements and complete the application process according to the most recent regulations to become a licensed private investigator in Chinatown, New York.

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