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“O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”
-Sir Walter Scott


Trust: a lifetime to build, seconds to lose. Whom should you trust? Sometimes, the only way to find out is to dig below the surface, strip away appearances and reveal reality. That’s what we’ve been doing here at American Eagle Investigations since 1968 – and we’re very, very good at it.

If this is your first time hiring a private investigation agency, let us put your mind at ease and answer a few common questions for you.

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Why hire a local private investigator near you?

We like to think the best of people. It would be nice to believe that friends, family, loved ones and co-workers all had our best interests at heart. Imagine a world where dishonesty, fraud, infidelity, crime, and corruption didn’t exist.

In reality, there are times when you may face unpleasant situations. For instance, a test of trust; you notice suspicious behavior at home, work, in a neighborhood. A loved one becomes a missing person.  Your online reputation is attacked or you’re the victim of cyberbullying

You may experience feelings of fear and anxiety as a result. It can feel like you’ve lost control over your environment. Loss, betrayal and uncertainty can do that to a person.

Situations like this call for expert advice and the help of experienced professionals. Moreover, this is where nearby private investigator services in New York City can help. The right investigator can provide evidence; do background checks; find criminal records; allay your doubts and help you regain control over your life. So, hiring a private detective for domestic issues can bring peace of mind and clarity to many individuals or personal issues you may be facing.

If you find yourself looking for a “private investigator near me”, or asking “how much does a lie detector test cost“, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped many residents of New York find the answers they were looking for. We also offer private investigation in New Jersey. We are proud to serve all neighborhoods and boroughs of New York if you are looking for a lie detector test near Tribeca, or a private investigator near Chinatown, we can help.


How do I hire a private eye in NYC?

Finding a qualified and trustworthy PI can be a challenge, especially in the Tri-State Area. The New York State Department of Labor records shows that there were 2,993 licensed private investigators in NYC as of December 31, 2017. With so many choices, whom do you choose?

Tips for hiring a private detective in NYC

  • Reputation – Do they have a history of satisfied customers and outstanding service?
  • Credibility – Are they licensed, accredited and recognized in the industry and their state?
  • Experience – Are they backed by years of practical experience and education?
  • Confidentiality – Do they have a transparent privacy policy?

Do your research when looking to hire a local private detective service. So while you’re at it, give us a call at (212) 344-8997. We’re happy to answer your questions and offer a Free Consultation.

Get to know American Eagle Investigations

Meet the owner.

Hi, I’m Dan McBride, the owner of American Eagle Investigations. Hiring a private detective is a big decision. We get it.

This is why it’s vital that you hire the right company. As a former NYPD police officer, I take my job seriously, as do the rest of our investigative team members.

We apply the same diligence and investigative techniques as law professionals do for each case we take on. I’m also a big movie fan. Check out our list of the best private detective movies of all time.

Family owned & operated investigative firm in NYC

American Eagle Investigation is family owned and operated. When you deal with our firm, you are dealing with the owners. We are personally responsible and involved with every investigation we conduct. You have our guarantee.

PI Pro Tip: Some private detectives and investigators outsource their work to 3rd party agencies. Alternatively, some may act as a referral service. Be sure that you’re dealing with the principals of the firm you hire.

Celebrating over 50 years in business!

Dan’s father, also a former NYPD police officer, first opened the company’s doors in 1968. Dan joined his father in the business upon retiring from the NYPD force 21 years ago.

The owners have over five decades of combined law enforcement experience. Moreover, they have earned a sterling reputation throughout the Tri-State Area.


  • Over 80% of our business is from referrals of satisfied clients
  • We have strong relationships with other law enforcement agencies locally and internationally
  • Trusted by and able to leverage the talents of the NYPD and FBI when called on
  • Highly rated and reviewed private detective agency.
  • Check out some of our closed cases in NYC and surrounding areas




  • Trusted by the public to provide discreet investigations
  • Trusted by businesses including top New York law firms
  • Fully transparent privacy policy
  • Safeguarding client privacy is of paramount importance to American Eagle Investigations. No identifying information is disclosed without our clients’ permission.

Some of our most frequently asked questions:


Should I hire an investigator to catch a cheating spouse?

Stable marriages are built on trust. However, daily pressures and temptations can lead to marital infidelity. When you hire an infidelity detective in NYC to look into any marital issues, discretion is assured. We work behind the scenes, gathering tell-tale information with absolute stealth. You want the truth. Our investigators provide it. We also provide local lie detector tests at a reasonable cost, conducted at our Manhattan office, as another way to get to the truth.

How do I know if my staff is trustworthy?

Your business depends on the people who run your business, both in your presence and absence. What happens when you’re not in the office? We specialize in business surveillance investigations, and can find out for you. Our undercover surveillance will detect indiscretions and gather evidence that catches perpetrators and absolves trustworthy employees. We also offer expert business device protection services to keep all your business data secure from hackers and unauthorized access. And get a pre employment background check before bringing employees on so you know that you can trust your potential hire. 

Do you only provide private investigation in New York City?

Our services cover more than the greater New York (City) area. Our global network provides undercover work anywhere your business or private life takes you. We have connections with investigative experts in 30 countries. Our web-enabled security systems keep you connected at home and around the world. No matter where you are looking for a cheating spouse investigation or data recovery expert in NYC we can help. 

How much will it cost to hire a New York City private investigator?

The cost for a private investigator depends on what type of investigation you are looking for. If you are looking for polygraph services you can expect to pay somewhere between $400-$500 for a lie detector test, whereas if you are looking for a PI to conduct a full investigation then the cost will vary on the length, location, and complexity of the assignment and expertise required. Here at American Eagle Investigations, we charge $150-175/hr with a five-hour minimum per day for any surveillance assignments whether it be a cheating spouse investigation, custody investigation, fraud investigation, or something else. To get a more accurate quote for your specific case it is always best to speak with our private investigative team directly.

What qualifications will my private detective have?

Licensed investigators are often former law enforcement officers. They may also hold a criminology degree and must meet the criteria for PI licensing in New York.

What are the criteria for PI licensing in New York?

To become a licensed Private Investigator in New York, one must be an American citizen, over 25 years old with a high school diploma, and a minimum of three years of investigative experience. They must also pass the state examination for private investigators.

What are Risk Assessment and Security Consulting?

Risk Assessment and security consulting is a preventive measure that identifies and assesses current and potential security threats in your organization. A qualified investigator evaluates your risk for fire hazards, bomb threats, disgruntled employees, theft, vulnerability to terrorism and other natural and human-made disasters.

Does video surveillance provide value to an investigation?

Security Surveillance systems can protect you, your employees and your property. State-of-the-art security cameras:

  • Reduce vandalism and theft
  • Provide evidence in potential crime investigations
  • Reduce employee fears of arriving and leaving your premises after dark
  • Protect unattended vehicles
  • Reduce frivolous lawsuits
  • Often provide insurance discounts.

Call American Eagle Investigations today at (212) 344-8997 for a free no-obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did! We offer full investigative services including local polygraph test services

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